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Practice Information
San Diego California Dental Group
Dr. Eugene Y. Kim
7825 Engineer Road
San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 279-1004

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Dr. Kim graduated with honors from the University of California at Berkley, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Cell Biology. When it came time for him to take his dental school admission test, he scored a whopping 99% – and was accepted to every top dental school in the country. With plenty of top schools to choose from, Dr. Kim selected the UCLA School of Dentistry because of its #2 ranking with the United States Dental Board. Once he graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, he remained a mainstay at UCLA. Today, he works there as a clinical instructor. San Diego Dental is a proud provider of Fastbraces® Technology; offering fast, safe, easy, and affordable braces for adults and children in the San Diego, California area. Dr. Kim offers in a variety of dental services – including the very latest dental implant procedures. He practices orthodontics as a general dentist.
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